Julie McLeod

Melrose Park SA

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Having discovered my passion for yoga in my early 40’s proves it is never too late to start. I immediately felt the benefits and noticed changes both physically and mentally. In 2013 this passion led me to the Byron Yoga Centre to begin my teacher training journey.
Yoga has given me an appreciation of life I never thought possible, it has taught me to embrace change, live in the moment and have a heightened sense of self awareness and acceptance. I continue to be inspired not only as a student myself but also by my own students.
My aim as a yoga teacher is to motivate students to believe in their own potential and to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their mind, body and breath. During class I will encourage my students to work with and respect the limitations of their own body and in turn having the ability to nurture themselves and approach yoga from a place of love, curiosity and acceptance.


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