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Yoga Inspirado por Vanda Scaravelli

El yoga es un regalo. El yoga es mucho mas que estar en una postura determinada.

Yo te invito a conectar en mis clases con tus mas profundos lugares de bienestar; redescubriendo y restaurando los ritmos y energías naturales de tu cuerpo.
Es una oportunidad para reconocerte y dejarte ir, es como volver a conectar con tus zonas mas internas. El interés no radica solo en la forma, si no también en el camino que realizaremos durante el movimiento, ahí es donde reside la riqueza de la práctica. No tenemos ninguna obligación de realizar una postura perfecta, al contrario, permitiremos al cuerpo expressarse como él requiere. Además, el alumno descubrirá su poder para escuchar la musica que existe en su cuerpo a través de la conciencia abierta y empezará a fluir el movimiento.


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

Yoga is a gift. Yoga is so much more than just doing the postures.

In my classes I invite you to connect with your deep places of well being; rediscovering and restoring the natural inner rhythms and energy of the body.

As we reconnect with parts and places in our body, there is an opportunity to acknowledge and let go. Perhaps it is not the shape we make but the journey of moving into the posture where the richness of the practice lies. Starting from where the student is rather than feeing to conform to doing a perfect asana. Instead the student is encouraged to learn to listen to the song of the body with kind curiosity and so movement becomes freer.

I am deeply inspired by the work of the late Vanda Scaravelli and teachers of her work including John Stirk who work with the relationship between the spine, the breathe, gravity and space to find freedom of movement and health in the body and mind. Cultivating the feeling of being grounded, like a tree with its roots going down. The lower part of the spine and the pelvis, legs and feet root with the force of gravity so that the upper spine, chest, shoulders, arms and hands in response can unfold and expand upwards and outwards like the branches of a tree. We are then able to move effortlessly, the body opening into lightness from the ground.

Rediscovering the breathe and its relationship with the spine; noticing how the breathe and spine naturally and intelligently work together to create a health giving rythmn of their own without our interference. The mind can get out of the way, letting go and seeing what happens.


My work and classes also acknowledge the meditation of yoga and include meditation practice .

Yoga offers you the chance to listen and cultivate awareness through your body. The breathe and movement can help us to slow down, observe and allow the activity of the mind and find a non-reactive response from a place of stillness and space within, reconnecting with the intelligence of our embodied experience of life. Inside the stillness we can begin to observe and acknowledge what is happening. Noticing sensations in the body and being with all of these. Opening the way to sense a harmonious natural state of presence.

Movement arises from a spacious inner awareness. Your own unique ‘posture’ opens like a flower.

Week of January 24TH

Thursday, Jan 27

  • Scaravelli Inspired lunchtime class with Julie Julie Tucker @ Sala Aditi
    13 €
    02:15 pm to 03:45 pm
  • Scaravelli Inspired Yoga weekly class with Julie Julie Tucker @ Sala Aditi
    15 €
    07:30 pm to 09:00 pm