Julie Turner

Queenstown, MD
United States

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Mindfulness, alignment and attention to the breath are three important details of my teaching approach for those just starting, or those who might have a few years of experience that want to refine their practice.

I help beginners start their practice, and anyone with more complex issues like stress or physical issues find a practice that will nurture their needs. Every client receives a personalized practice based on lifestyle and needs that will assist with the required needs as well as increase mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

My style focuses on proper alignment, but can also mix various styles of therapeutic movement, restorative techniques and powerful sequencing of poses and breath work for relaxation and awareness in the moment.

As a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist (AYS), I have a deeper understanding of my client’s mental and physical needs when developing a one-on-one specialized yoga program. Based on the ancient science of ayurveda, I recommend yoga sequences, dietary changes and daily routines to balance the body and mind.

In addition to my RYT 200 training, my training includes over 300 additional hours in specialty training with nationally acclaimed teachers, including Para Yoga with Rod Stryker; Ashaya Yoga Therapy with Tod Norian; Boomer+ Yoga for seniors with Amy Kraft; Yoga for Cancer with Jean DiCarlo; and Yoga for Arthritis with Stephanie Moonaz.

Outside of the yoga classroom, I teach yoga and stand up paddling. Certified as a SUP Yoga instructor, and an ACA stand up paddle board instructor, I bring my knowledge of yoga and paddling to the board to show students how to experience new ways of practicing yoga and mindfulness.


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