Julie Weisbrod

Lakeland, MN
United States

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Julia’s career began in fitness in the late 70’s after a very brief time as an office clerk. Intuitively she knew this was not the way for her. She hopped on her bike and found her way to a health club as a front desk receptionist. Feeling at home in the health club industry, she quickly moved into consulting, training, and motivating others.

She researched and experimented with her own health, which lead her to the art and competition of bodybuilding. After traveling across the country winning several state and regional awards, she eventually chose to walk into the world of “ultimate body building“ … parenthood.

A mother, trainer, and motivator, Julia is a woman of great strength, practiced patience, and flexibility. She is an everyday ordinary woman of the world who does her best each day to live intentionally.

Having raised a lovely, gracious, daughter and two spirited boys with the thankful support and guidance of those that surround her with love, Julia’s mission is standing beside others in great support so that they too may see their own perfect value and to help them connect to the strength they already possess.

Through personal training, breath work, and yoga therapy, Julia brings in a unique functional perspective to our daily life as it relates to health and wellness to re-connect to your authentic nature.

Her 35 plus year commitment to teaching physical fitness is reflected in the journey she continues to walk:

Julia is a two-time Miss Minnesota Bodybuilding Championship Title Winner and went on to place second at the national level - Miss USA. After placing as a finalist in several national competitions, Julia pursued a career as a Personal Training Professional in dozens of local gyms and private homes. Her clients included elite athletes, homemakers, business professionals, and youth.

Julia has a unique ability to "simplify," incorporating health and wellness into your busy life, getting you back to the basics, and nurturing you back to nature for your health. She specializes in relating health and wellness to our environment and how to listen, learn, and grow from the wisdom of nature. Continuing to study under many professional teachers and healers, she is clarifying the urgency, necessity, and ease of incorporating health and wellness in the corporate environment.


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