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I stumbled across yoga in my twenties in South Africa, where it was disguised as a gym “stretch class”. It was DIFFERENT ... yes, it felt like exercise, but there was something magical about the way it made me feel.

Many Oms later, I began teaching in 2007 and my advanced teacher training took me to India in 2014 for a deeper study and understanding of this ancient way of life. I continue to explore the many aspects of yoga and how it impacts my life and those around me.

“What Kind of Yoga Do You Teach?”

I’m best known for my Yoga Nidra guided meditation work—it is truly my calling and it’s a joy to see thousands of people benefiting from my recordings.

I am drawn to the powerful techniques of Yoga Nidra, which promote deep rest in the body, and encourage positive personal transformation through self-study and discovery.

** Please see my Yoga Nidra downloads and recordings **
You'll find me everywhere, by searching for "yogaressa" on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Insight Timer and more.

A Sample of my Yoga Nidra albums:

CALM — relieve stress and connect with a sense of inner peace

PURPOSE — bring more meaning and certainty into your life

FLOAT and RELAX — guided meditation to add to the bliss of a floatation tank


Yoga retreats are a fun way for me and fabulous fellow yoga teacher, Karen Pagano, to host groups in exquisite destinations; co-creating transformative experiences which last long after returning home.


I also teach Hatha yoga — from chair yoga and restorative yoga, to slow and mindful flow, and a blend of Yin/Yang Fusion. The Anusara and Iyengar styles provided me with a foundation of alignment and intelligent sequencing, and I’ve added other yoga methods over the years.

In my personal yoga practice, I enjoy the increased flexibility and awareness of body, mind and spirit, and my wish is to share this experience with others. May your yoga adventure bring you inner peace, joy, and a ton of laughter.

My yoga motto: "If it doesn't change your life, it's not Yoga.”

Namaste ॐ

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