Julie Zimmermann

Hot Springs National Park/Brooklyn, NY, AR
United States

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A belief in the power of prana to remove energetic blocks is at the foundation of all classes I am honored to guide. I teach Kripalu-inspired hatha and vinyasa, Kundalini, and specially designed classes and workshops for particular populations. Yoga for Golfers is one popular category, along with work with after-school programs with children, chair yoga for people with age and mobility issues, classes for HIV-patients and their caregivers, along with a series for various athletic endeavors, including but not limited to horseback riding and yoga, paddleboarding, kayaking, etc. The practice of yoga brings the practioner into the present moment. The practice of focusing on the breath, and increasing our awareness of it deepens our ability to stay in the 'now' and allow the changes that inevitably come to be welcomed and assimilated into our lives.


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