Juliette Noske

Moraira Alicante

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Juliette is passionate about sharing yoga with everyone who is interested.

In 2005 Juliette discovered Bikram Yoga. Sparks flew as she began an intense relationship with yoga. Practicing intensely for three years once or sometimes twice a day. This romance with yoga began out of a desire to stay fit and healthy as well as hot! (Really she just wanted to escape the cold British winter.) During these three years, Juliette was able to heal all her joints, which had previously caused her pain and discomfort. Especially her knees, which one doctor had recommended she might need to have an operation on.
She also chose to run three marathons during this time, out of a desire to do something different and raise money for causes that she wanted to help. Her main training during this time was Bikram, apart from running of

And so it was that Juliette's passionate love affair with yoga developed into a beautiful, blossoming, long term relationship. 13 years later and they are still going steady!

She went on to completed her 200 hour teacher training with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organisation, in India, in the Himalayan Mountains. And is now travelling back to India to complete her 300 hour teacher training.

Juliette also practices Thai Massage - having trained in Spain and Italy, she is now completing a certified training in the UK, with plans to go to Thailand and do some follow up training.

Her classes are in Spanish and English.


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