Hi, I'm Justina (Yoga Mani)! I'm a passionate educator who has been practicing yoga and meditation regularly for the past 10 years. I've attended yoga and meditation intensive courses and workshops locally and internationally, and completed my yoga teacher certification in Delhi, India. I specialise in hatha and restorative yoga, and align my instruction with specific client needs.

I love teaching, learning, exploring, and sharing. It's such a privilege to be able to inspire others to grow and deepen on a personal level. Having travelled every month for over a decade, to more than 83 countries, I've combined my passions - teaching, travel and yoga - to create unique OMbiance Yoga retreats that focus on personal growth and wellness. Each location is hand-picked to ensure that it is both secluded, yet safe, leaving you carefree, to relax, explore, and deeply connect with the environment.

I hold a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership, Masters degrees in Educational Leadership and Educational Psychology, a in Psychology, Sociology and History, a in Human Resources and IT, and a in Social Studies Education. I currently work as a school district learning specialist, university professor, educational consultant, and certified yoga teacher.

Services Offered

1 hr private lesson for one$7560 min
1 hr private lesson for two$9060 min

Location & Notes

Your place
Notes: I send out a weekly schedule so that clients can choose the sessions that work for them each week