Hi, I'm Justina (Yoga Mani)! I'm a passionate educator who has been practicing yoga and meditation regularly for the past 10 years. I've attended yoga and meditation intensive courses and workshops locally and internationally, and completed my yoga teacher certification in Delhi, India. I specialise in hatha and restorative yoga, and align my instruction with specific client needs.

I love teaching, learning, exploring, and sharing. It's such a privilege to be able to inspire others to grow and deepen on a personal level. Having travelled every month for over a decade, to more than 83 countries, I've combined my passions - teaching, travel and yoga - to create unique OMbiance Yoga retreats that focus on personal growth and wellness. Each location is hand-picked to ensure that it is both secluded, yet safe, leaving you carefree, to relax, explore, and deeply connect with the environment.

I hold a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership, Masters degrees in Educational Leadership and Educational Psychology, a in Psychology, Sociology and History, a in Human Resources and IT, and a in Social Studies Education. I currently work as a school district learning specialist, university professor, educational consultant, and certified yoga teacher.


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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inspiring on and off the mat...

I registered for a yoga retreat in Mexico lead by Justina and walked away with a new life view. This retreat allowed me the opportunity to travel deep within myself and walk away with a better understanding of my self and my yoga practice. Justina was able to create an inclusive and safe space for everyone to get to know one another. Our retreat in Mexico was a unique, tranquil, and beautiful destination. We explored different parts of the country each day.


Tried new foods and stepped out of the boxes we tend to put ourselves in. Each yoga practice opened you up emotionally and physically. I was a little rusty on the mat and Justina was patient in adjusting each position expertly! I could feel myself improving each day and walked away feeling strong!

Ultimately, I was given the tools to better myself as a person and a future yoga instructor. Justina's passion and drive inspired me to begin my own yoga company, to build on my strengths, and to never stop working towards my goals.

As a yoga instructor now, I look back on this experience as a shifting point in my life. I recommend an OMbiance Yoga retreat to anyone who is looking to travel to an off the beaten path location, enhance your yoga skills, or generally find out more about yourself!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Micronesia Retreat 2015

Being my first yoga retreat, I was definitely nervous about venturing off to the other side of the planet and putting my comfort, safety, entertainment and logistical concerns on the shoulders of the OMbiance team. From the very onset, Justina's professionalism, friendly demeanor, ability to work under pressure and dedication to her craft quickly replaced my concerns with absolute confidence that everything was going to be stellar. I couldn't have been more right!


The location was unlike anything I've ever seen - couldn't have imagined a more perfectly serene, beautiful and exotic destination to work on the 'self'. Her years of travelling experience have given her a real knack for choosing brilliant retreat locations. Even in the face of adversity, (not Justina's fault) she managed to quickly resolve the issue and keep everything flowing smoothly - exactly what one wants in a retreat operator. The accommodations themselves, although not overly luxurious were a perfect fit for the organic theme of the excursion. The staff were all very friendly and the food, although simple, was fresh, delicious and packed the energy our group needed to get us through the list of activities OMbiance had prearranged for us. The guided jungle tour up one of the island's highest peaks and scuba diving trips were without a doubt the highlights for me, other than the yoga itself, ofcourse. Her ability to transform herself from a multi-tasking logistics co-ordinator to achieving a Zen-like calm when it was time to hit the mat is noteworthy as well! She had alot on her plate that week and passed with flying colours in all respects but her abilities really shine through when that session bell rings and its yoga time. She has a very clear, indepth understanding of her craft and inspires you to dig a little deeper within yourself each time. I found the meditation and visionboarding excercises insightful and I felt that both the new and experienced practitioners derived great benefits from the vibrant yet soothing energy that flowed in all the classes.
Much thanks for one of the most spiritually nourishing experiences of my life! Looking forward to attending your next great adventure!

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Justina´s fun yoga

During her visit at San Andres Island, Colombia, Justina gave our yoga group free classes where she showed us new ways to explore yoga asana with routines well developed sharing great tips showing her experience and know how.
Her energy is bright and loving and made us have fun even though there was a degree of difficulty for many of us!

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Two Days Yoga in the remote Island of Kosrae

I was lucky enough to experience two days of Yoga with Justina. She is a great teacher and gave me a lot of positive energy. looking forward for her to be back next Christmas Holidays.

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Patient, friendly and experienced

Justina continues to play a positive influence on my life. She is experienced, friendly and caring. She takes the time and energy to get to know me well enough to understand when to push my limits and when to respect them. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their mind, body, or soul.

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Justina has adapted well to our needs

Justina has been working with my husband and I for a couple of years now and we're thrilled with her help. We're both fairly shy and not very "body conscious". She provides us with just the right amount of challenge, balanced with support, to keep us motivated. From personal experience I can say that she's great with people (male and female) who are new to yoga.

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Enjoyable Balanced approach to Yoga

Justina's dedication to the practice of yoga is very apparent in the knowledge and skill she brings to her sessions. Her gentle persuasive nature serves well to guide her students with the appropriate amount of encouragement and technical corrections that is matched to their skill level. She is an excellent communicator and teacher. In addition to effectively demonstrating a position, Justina is able to clearly describe the nuances of the position, and why they are important. Justina continually obtains feedback from her students while in a pose to ensure the right muscles are engaged. Yoga classes with Justina are always enjoyable while continually challenging me to improve in a gentle non-judgemental way.

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Retreat was amazing, wish I lived closer

I'm definitely a yoga novice, but I knew Justina and decided that a yoga retreat would be a great way to spend my vacation time -- and that was a great decision.

Justina is a fantastic teacher. She combines explaining poses with demonstrating and providing adjustments as needed. It really felt like she let me progress at my own pace, but still challenged me to work harder (I felt the workouts afterward, but enjoyed them while doing them!)

I wish I lived closer, I'd be seeking out Justina for ongoing instruction!