Kadi (Ramjas Kaur) Debbah

West Hampstead
United Kingdom
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My love for this practice grows as I grow.
Since stepping on this path, my life has unraveled in the most interesting ways, using what I learn on the mat helps me discover myself in the most unusual way.
My practice develops and transforms to fit my life, It remains a mystery I am glad to keep discovering.
Using Kundalini yoga as a lens through which I explore my life is a genuine gift, and I feel deeply grateful to be able to use this in service of others.
I am a counselling therapist and coach with a focus on life force energy and spirituality.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

19 Reviews

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Yoga blessed

You will not be disappointed if you are ever lucky enough to participate in a yoga class instructed by Kadi it’s a magical Spiritual Experience whilst Also keeping you fit I highly recommend.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Efficient workshops

Ramjas Kaur is thorough in both the physical and spiritual aspects of her practice and teaching. She is energetic, experienced and devoted. Highly recommended.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
My favourite yoga teacher

I was the oldest in class. Kadi helped me make allowances when necessary. I think Kadi is a great teacher. For me, a potential improvement would be to speak a little less during periods when concentration is needed.

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Inspiring and intimatr

More than a physical experience -- Kadi's class was also more than the union of physical and spiritual, which is what I always thought yoga was supposed to be. It was union with my body and soul plus the body and soul of my partner, the body and soul of the others in the room, in the world. More than a turning inward -- it was an opening to the universe.

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Kadi handled our group's session very kindly.

Kadi held a yoga session for couples during our coaching program and my partner and I felt we were handled very well. Kadi had a gentle and warm approach when holding the class as we moved through the exercises in a way that felt good even for a complete novice like me.

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Amazing teacher!

I've had the great pleasure of attending several yoga classea taught by Kadi - and I absolutely love her way of teaching and the yoga she teaches. I must admit I've sometimes struggled with getting myself to a yoga class - but when I've known it was taught my Kadi I've easily made sure I'd go every time. Kadi has a soft, loving but precise way of teaching and her soft power has made me believe in myself in places where I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to hold the pose had it been any other teacher. I very highly recommend Kadis teaching!

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Beautiful couples practice

I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a couples class with Kadi. I had no idea what to expect. It was a beautiful experience. The yoga with touch was very comforting and truly a connected practice. Her explanation energy and attention was exquisite. Kadi shares her passion and knowledge in a gentle and loving way.

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Kadi is a Gift

I had the pleasure of attending a partnered kundalini yoga class in New York City with Kadi. It was such a beautiful experience! Kadi artfully and intuitively guided me into deeper connection with my breath, my body, and my partner. I left the class feeling grounded, soft, and open in body and heart. Kadi's wisdom, serenity, and love is truly nourishing. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Kadi's classes, please give yourself that gift!

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Filled with love

Kadi was in the states for a bit and I took one of her partnered yoga classes. I didn't really know what to expect since I hadn't ever five one before! She explained every pose and transmitted the intention of the poses perfectly. I felt very aware of my body and my partner's energy throughout the class!

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Amazing! Thought provoking

An amazing teacher! I could feel my abs for days afterwards, in the best way. Also helped me see how my mind wanted to avoid discomfort and work with my own resistance

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Kadi's yoga had me feel connected to my core, an electricity running through it which was palpable. The using of breath through it all connected my body and allowed me to let go of any thoughts bringing me out of my experience. Beautiful explanations, how do we do yoga, do we cut corners, what are our thoughts, is this what we do in life? 4 days later and I am still feeling my muscles quivering, deep down in my abdomen and core

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What I experienced in Kadi's lesson was that all parts of me seemed to connect, my system switched on and her teaching got me from my head into my body. Something that does not happen very often. I am very grateful for that.

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Beautiful class

I have had the pleasure of taking several classes with Kadi. What struck me the most was her genuine view of yoga as a self development tool, based on experience. She is the living example of her teaching, by leaning in to discomfort and exploring it's gifts.
Kadi is very professional, caring, knowledgeable and graceful in her work and communication. She takes me, her student, through a self discovery journey, resulting in feeling stronger, more connected to myself and more vibrant at the end of her class.
A truly great teacher.

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The best yoga teacher I had

I do highly reccomend Kadi's one to one private sessions.

She came to my house for one to one privet lessons and she is fantastic! After a torough consultation on what i would like to acheive we bwgan the classes.
Is like she knows exactly what to make me do in order for me to get out all the frustration, insecurities, self doubt. It is not only yoga class it a truly TLC experience. After every class I felt energised, calm and focused.

Thank you Kadi

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get in touch with your breath, body and mind...a truly wholesome experience <3

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Excellent yoga class

Kadi's yoga classes are highly enjoyable, valuable and worthwhile to attend. Set against a background of relaxing, spiritual soundscapes, candles and incense, Kadi takes you through a series of kria that are designed to balance and shape your body and mind. Often, while holding a kria, Kadi explains how the positions work and how you can benefit from these to a maximum. Extremely competent and absorbing to listen to, Kadi teaches her students the power of meditation and deep breathing as well as sharing surprising and interesting techniques that help to shift the mind to a more peaceful place, relieve body complaints and even enhance sleep quality and efficiency at work.

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Kadi is a great teacher; clear, patient and kind. She will encourage you to explore your ability and your self. I always leave classes feeling wonderfully calm and 'reset'. I absolutely recommend Kadi's classes!

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Kundalini Yoga with Kadi is a must!

Kadi is an amazing Kundalini Yoga teacher. My first experience of this type of yoga was with Kadi and she was very supportive and encouraging. Every time I went to her classes I walked out feeling happy and energized. Her classes are a must!

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Kadi is a very spiritual teacher

I have been practising kundalini for over 2 years and in my class with Kadi it was clear that she is a very spiritual teacher. She is focused and patient and kind and I wish that I could get to more of her classes, sadly the distance from me restricts this.