Kaitlin Shanahan

Ottawa, ON

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I am a new yoga teacher in the Ottawa area. I have a BA with Honours Specialization in Kinesiology, and a deep appreciation for the body, and its capacity for movement.
I completed my Hatha Yoga teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara in August 2014, and have been teaching since September.
My passion right now is to bring yoga into the lives of beginner yogis, and to awaken new passions in intermediate practitioners. I enjoy challenging my students in a way that also teaches them about balance, and listening to the body.
To me, Yoga is about feeling good, but also about facing challenges, in a present, and mindful way so that we can learn to persevere and have faith. By facing challenges in a safe space, on your mat, you will better prepare yourself to overcome the daily obstacles we face in our lives.


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