Kaitlyn Vittozzi

Pittsford, NY
United States

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Stress feels like it’s taking over your neck, back and shoulders. You’ve worked so hard to get where you’re at, always planning three steps ahead and it feels like you have no time to or energy left to enjoy it at the end of the day. Every day is a fight. The little downtime you do have seems to burn up in a matter of minutes, without little rest before you start the same cycle over and over again. Wishing you had paid a little bit more attention, were able to put the phone down, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You worry how much longer your family is going to put up with this, and how much more your own body can take.
My mission is to help successful professionals find relief from the hamster wheel of tech neck and anxiety. Using evidence-based methods, learn how to use your body to get to the root of your frustrations. Through mindful movement, yoga postures, meditation, and reflection you’ll be able to find pain relief and learn how to get rooted in the present moment. What we practice on the yoga mat, you can take into your home and work life to find balance whenever you need it. Find out how to finally love the life you’ve created. No prior yoga experience required, and any injuries will be respected.
Stop putting your body and life at the end of your to-do list, or making yourself next year’s resolution. Start living the life you want now, without the weight of the world on your chest. Call me today for a free phone consultation to find immediate relief and long-lasting change.


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