Kalliopi Petropoulou

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Kalliopi Petropoulou is a Yoga Alliance International registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500hr / E-RYT 200hr). She has been teaching for the last twelve years Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.
She has been practising different styles of Yoga (Hatha, Iyengar, Bhakti Flow, Vinyasa Krama, Aerial Yoga, Restorative, Meditation and Pranayamas) with teachers in Greece and abroad, so her classes are influenced from all those types.
Being always a student, has been trying to learn and absorb the vast information about a healthy living through the paths of Yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

21 Reviews

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Because of her, I love yoga! Not only do I relax but I also feel completely recharged after her classes. I highly recommend her. She is just the best!

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Excellent instructor, very experienced professional and pleasant person. I highly recommend her!

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She is unique because she explains in a simple yet profound and spiritual way every exercise,breath and ashana. She is inspiring because she loves what she practice and remain focused.

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Great Instructor!

Poppie is a great yoga instructor, friendly, gentle and giving person. She is very inspirational, her instructions and relaxing voice makes you wanna dive into the yoga practice even more. She always demonstrates or gives explanations about the postures, sometimes with a more spiritual approach. I enjoy the practice every time and i feel changed in body and mind!

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serenity & equilibrium

I totally enjoy my daily yoga practice with Poppie!!! She is fully committed to her students, leading us the way to get deeper and deeper into our practice, "unlocking" our bodies and souls in the most gentle way, while at the same time respecting our limits. She transmits nothing but positive energy, tranquility and joy!!!

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Poppie is one of the first teachers I took yoga classes with.
She is very inspiring by being genuinely humble and grounded, yet skilled in leading an all-level class. We need more teachers like her in yoga!

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Sanmeli is the best!

Friendly and supportive teacher, relaxing and inspirational space, good workout

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Excellent teacher

Popie is a very safe and adjustable teacher of yoga. she is very friendly to others explains and demonstrates all exercises and what I like most is that is gives a spiritual explanations to every exercise we practice.

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Amazing teacher, truly a pleasure to be in her classes.

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Great instructor and a lovely environment

Poppie is a great instructor and a lovely person. She is willing to help and explain all the positions and explains their purpose. The center itself is beautiful, warm and cozy. We're offered yummy treats afterwards too!

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Lovely and thoughtful individual

Calliope is a person that can open one like a book with her calm attitude and perseverance. She will take good care of each and every one and will transmit positive, calming vibes to the ones open to receive and appreciate. I am very thankful that i have crossed roads with Calliope in my life!

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Poppie has been my yoga teacher for the last four years and she is the reason why I started practising yoga more and more frequently. This experience has redifined my relationship with my body and with her help I realize every day I am capable of things I never thought I'd be.
Poppie is a very open-minded and down to earth yoga teacher. She always makes you feel welcome and safe. The lessons are very well organised and never the same. She encourages people to try their best but at the same time to listen to their body. She also pays attention to detail in every posture and usually explains the benefits gained.
Poppie's love and passion for yoga makes every lesson an amazing experience!

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She is the best teacher ever!
If you start with her you will never think to try another yoga teacher.
Sometimes I want to cry just because the lesson is over :-)

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poppie makes people love yoga and themselves!

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Having Poppie for an instructor is definately a very good reason for someone to start yoga lessons! She has all the qualities required to meet the definition of the ideal teacher: love and passion for yoga, technical knowledge, teaching experience as well as personal interest for each trainee, calmness, patience and many more... Poppie is full of possitive energy and has a unique way to make everyone feel welcomed as a member of the group.


She really makes you feel worthy, bringing out your best, no matter of your level of practice. Each lesson has something new to offer and is never boring, because she puts her soul into it. At the end of every class I always leave in a good mood, having excerciced my body and mind. I really couldn't ask for a better teacher!

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Poppie is a unique teacher! She is the best! Recommend her definitely!

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Inspirational Teacher

Poppie is a skilled, funny, and awesome yoga teacher!!! I love the phrases that she repeats like "do what you can do, only what you can do, and be happy with what you can do". This is a simple and accessible way of teaching some basic yogic principles: non-harming & contentment. She is a true yogi, someone who is into the real spiritual quest of life without being religious or a phony baloney! I love her!

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I think she was made to do this.She loves it so much that she makes you love it too. She is perfectly organised and makes her lesson fun even when it's hard.After a class with Poppie you''ll feel focused, relaxed and really happy.

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I feel very lucky to have Poppie as a teacher. Not only she is a excellent teacher, but also an amazing person with lots of positive energy.
She is calm, professional, passionate, very clear and takes a big care of every single person on her class, and also during the class she explains the benefits of each posture, wich is very interesting. Each class with Poppie is a unique experience for me! Thanks to Poppie and her yoga classes I have learned how to respect my body and found a balance betwee my mind, body and soul.
I would highly recomend Poppie's classes to anyone who wants to practice yoga!

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She's an open heart, caring teacher who guides her students through the path of love!