Kanna Toguchi

Seattle, WA
United States

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I began practicing yoga 12 years ago and after having spent a bulk of my professional career in the corporate world and chose to take a leap of faith to follow my passion of healing. Deeply moved and inspired by the myriad of positive impacts from practicing yoga, I embarked upon the next phase of my journey, completing a 200hr yoga teacher training with The Samarya Center. In addition, I have completed advanced training in Integrated Movement Therapy (a form of yoga therapy) with Molly Lannon Kenny.

I teach with an emphasis on the breath to access pathways towards a deeper connection of the intuitive wisdom that resides within us all. Through movement I infuse the philosophy of yoga, meditation and poetry which are the touchstones in my life to light the sacred fire of Love. My intention as a teacher is to be a guide in a process which embraces the uniqueness of each individual; offering a space for the spheres of the mind, body and spirit to coalesce and communicate harmoniously. I am nourished from sharing my passion of yoga as a therapeutic healing modality and the symbiotic relationship that is generated through teaching, empowering people with tools to awaken to their own Truth and Divinity. Above all, it is my intention to impart the great importance of love for the Self and the innate capacity of the body to heal, restore, and renew itself.

In addition to teaching, I am a bodyworker incorporating elements of Reiki, Reflexology, guided meditation and energy healing in a safe supportive container out of my private practice, Awakened Heart Wellness.

“To love oneself is a life long romance” –Oscar Wilde


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