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Hello. Thank you for visiting my page.
Here is a little story about myself and the journey through yoga!

My first interest in yoga was simply because everyone was talking about it and I needed to try. I flew off to Hilo, Hawaii to get my first yoga license, where happened to be a place with hardly any internet connection, limited usage of water day and night, which was difficult to adapt to in the beginning. Considered that I have been living and working in such a fast paced city with everything so accessible.
However, this was the type of atmosphere I exactly needed to train how to calm the mind, live simply, be aware of each moment.

Unfortunately, I lost my father from depression during my training.
In the long run, this triggered me to get more interested in how our minds works and in ways of controlling it or either accepting it.

I dedicated my practice to Ashtanga for a few years, flew to Thailand to achieve the 500TT. Desperately needed a very committed practice and the strength to move on from my father's death at the time being.
My body changed dramatically physically at first and the eagerness to reach the next step became higher and higher. It lead to breaking the negative cycle of trying to wash away my feelings by drinking and oversleeping.

After an injury of breaking my rib through practice, I started to realize that I might have been trying to reach higher in a speed I could not control and agitating the 'Perfectionist' side of me.

Luckily, I came upon a teacher who teaches a new method 'Odaka Yoga'
Flowing into each pose by 'Feeling not Thinking' and the freedom of moving into each moment was so intuitive. On and off the mat.

This method is a mixture of martial arts movement, warrior soul, which I believe is mixed in my Japanese blood.

This practice and teaching continues with me today.


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