Kara Hagen

Hot Springs, SD
United States

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Kara Jane Hagen
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Kara found yoga over 25 years ago while living in Denver, Colorado in while she was working as a real estate investor, fixing, flipping and managing properties. She was intrigued with yoga because of how it helped her manage her anxiety when dealing with everyday business experiences. She was unaware at the time of the connection between her mind, body and spirit. Kara did yoga on and off and always had a quiet desire to go to school.

“Yoga is a connection between mind, body and spirit. Yoga is allowing, not pushing through life and infuses a state of nonresistance to what is, which releases you from suffering and pain”

“I began my yoga journey because I needed a healthy release from stress, anxiety and everyday life. As a real estate investor and property manager, it is no surprise that I experienced a lot of stress and high pressure of living with a hustling and bustling city life. After my first class, I realized I had found something that enhanced my life in a positive and effective way.”

Kara J. Hagen , 200 YTT, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, creative entrepreneurial spirit, with a vision of helping others through wholistic modalities and conscious living. Battling asthma, chronic sinusitis, weight gain and attachment. Kara knows how hard it can be to attain a transformation of health and wellness, realizing particularly not to expect perfection, but to embrace the flow of what is.


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