Kara-Lee Burke

Toronto, ON

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Yoga is my passion.

My aim is to help Canadians seize the amazing opportunity to reach their LIMITLESS potential by assisting them to balance their body and mind and to create a life where health, happiness, and productivity are easily attainable. A better, more sustainable, livelihood enhances creative minds, increasing ingenuity and optimizing productivity.

With my years of experience, and understanding of, business operations, and over 5 years of wellness training and coaching, I help clients become more aware of themselves and thus able to push the boundaries that they have unconsciously set for themselves. Yoga inspired sessions are designed to suit a client's specific needs.

It is through achieving balance of mind & body that we have the capacity to surmount our goals and attain our most fruitful destiny in a continuously evolving, dynamic world. When we manage our minds, we manage our lives.


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