Karan Chadha

United Kingdom

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I first started yoga at school because I hated PE and I though yoga would be the easy option. Over the years yoga became a great friend and teacher helping me to make that connection between my body heart and mind. Yoga has helped me to recover from injured ankles and knees and ease away stress, trauma and fatigue.

I hope to provide a friendly environment for yoga. Helping clients to find ways to move better and feel better in their bodies are important principles to me.

I teach Yin and Yang Yoga and Irest Yoga Nidra

The Yang element is a dynamic Hatha practice, which means that we flow from pose to pose with the breath. In yang the beautiful fluid movements of Tai Chi meet traditional Yoga.
The benefits of yang are strength and flexibility. We leave feeling lighter, spring-i-er, calmer.

Yin is the softer element. In Yin we use props to support us while we hold poses for a few minutes and relax deeply. Yin classes include more pranayama - yogic breathing exercises. The benefits of Yin are that it works deeply into the soft tissues and myofascia which can help to heal injuries and aches and pains. The changes can be permanent. It is also deeply relaxing and so it can be beneficial for relieving stress, anxiety and tiredness.

Yoga is a somatic enquiry. All that means is that instead of looking in the mirror to check how we are moving we check-in inwardly, sense our movement and the effect that it has on our whole body.

Yoga Nidra is a practice of mindfulness inducing deep relaxation and a meditative state. If you're having trouble sleeping, switching off or de-stressing Yoga Nidra may be a useful tool for you. I teach a method called IRest which is a modern research based secular practice rooted in the wisdom of the ancient sages.

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