Karen Carmack Lmt

Kansas City, MO
United States

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Over the years I did my work first, releasing the past and future issues so that I can be clear before stepping into someone else's energy body… I need the Ears of a locksmith to hear the subtle body release … the Patience of a Saint to never force more on to a body than it can handle… the knowledge of an Architect/Engineer to understand the foundation of the bones, muscles with the understanding of their precise actions, the knowledge of a Programer to identify the codes of the meridian lines of the body and reprogram where fragmentation may have occurred, A mechanical and electrical technician to see the whole picture and know what is a trigger-- what to call finally the Awareness of a CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEING--seeing and being with another Human Being in total COMPASSIONATE LOVE…..recognizing they are a HUMAN Being having an EXPERIENCE right along side of me… I am HUMBLED by these choices!
I am Karen; I am SachDharm, Mom of Three, Grandma of Five and Wife of one!
Board Licensed Massage Therapist, Level 2 Kundalini Yoga/ Hatha teacher and student, Lover of life and a friend to all! Believes Laughter is the best medicine!
Owner of
Wholehearted Wellness

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