Karen Doehrman

Huntsville, AL
United States

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To me, yoga is all about experiencing new and different ways to enjoy doing yoga! Embrace Life. Embrace Challenges.

How? Take your yoga to a paddle board, take it to the beach, take it to warm summer evenings listening to the crickets and feeling the wind blowing on the mountain.

Sometimes yoga seems intimidating and serious. It doesn't have to be! I want to show you yoga for real people who like to laugh and may not be so bendy. I get that! I get that we are sore and recovering from injuries. I get that we need to build strength in certain places and learn to protect from further joint and muscle damage. I get you!

My yoga, E3 Yoga is for athletes who want to get stronger, prevent injuries and improve mental focus.

What’s Important to me when I teach:
Having fun, challenging people to work harder, doing yoga that makes you feel successful –not like a failure, learning to connect to yourself and the environment, training your brain to focus and tune out distractions, being mindful and present on the mat and in your sport and competitions.


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