Karen Hambleton Hairfield

Sparks, NV
United States
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I am an internationally trained instructor in the practice of Yoga. I have been taught not only in Brazil but at the seat of the origination of yoga itself India where this ancient practice began 1,000 of years ago. I am certified through Integrate Yoga Therapy in Brazil with Joseph and Lillian La Page. In India I studied with Yogi Charya Rajita at the Chakrapani Ayurvedic Clinic and Research Center located in Jaipur, India and have also instructed yoga at the Diggi Palace also located in Jaipur India. I am a certified Level I in Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery through the Veterans Yoga Project as well. I have also studied the practice of Ayurvedic Medicine to create a holistic approach to yoga. I have worked with the world renowned Ayurvedic physician Dr. Rajesh Kotecha for the past 12 years with the distribution and formulations of Ayurvedic herbs for individual clients on personal health issues as well as companies throughout the world with much success. I have worked recently with Dr. Kamini Kaushal professor of Ayurvedic Science from Jaipur, India. I presently teach yoga at several private and public organizations throughout the Reno area where my focus is on Hatha Yoga and other integrated health modalities. I have been privileged to work with cancer survivors, stroke clients, arthritis, along with many other health challenges such as knee and hip replacements, MS with much success. I also work with the elderly, with mentally and physically challenged from autism to those confined to wheelchairs. I also teach up at the VA Hospital to veterans and the employees of the VA. My academic education is an Associates Degree n Elementary Education, Physical Health and Sports along with a BA in Psychology. Through all of my background my classes are designed in order to give the students a clear understanding of the physics of movement. These movements are to give proper alignment of the physical sequence to build on one another while forming cohesive movements to create an inner relaxed environment of self.