Karen Ingman

United Kingdom

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I became a fully qualified yoga teacher in 1998, in the method and teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, whom developed her unique practice of yoga in Italy, after learning privately for a few years with Iyengar and later with Desicachar.
I started exploring yoga seriously in 1993, starting out with the wonderful teacher in Ana Forrest in Los Angeles, and after returning to Brighton in the UK and trying various other yoga approaches, I felt I had finally “come home” when I found this approach to yoga with Peter Blackaby. I have since continued to learn from the students that were taught by Vanda, ie. Sandra Sabatini, Diane Long, Elizabeth Paunz and John Stirk.
I continue, through my own practice, to explore and discover new wonders of the body and mind, and encourage others to do the same.
I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to the practice and sharing of this innovative approach that brings enjoyment to yoga and a vitality and peace to life. My approach to yoga will bring you closer to the earth, gravity, your breath and the beautiful movement of your spine. You will learn to elongate and extend, creating openness and space. Through listening to your body and your breath, rather than to push and pull, you will discover that it responds in an incredible way, giving life and suppleness to the spine.
I like to convey this subtle and dynamic teaching with a hands-on approach, to invite your body to undo beyond its limitations. There is precision and grounding in teaching the asanas, with strong physical work on the one hand, and listening and gentle undoing on the other hand, while realigning your posture with gravity so that the asanas become effortless. The focus is on letting go and undoing tension, while awakening the whole body through engagement of the core muscles, not only the bigger external muscles.
The breath is the essence of yoga and is an integral part of my approach, which allows a deep surrender, with the benefit of lightness and ease to both the body and the mind, making the practice whole and meditative. My teaching is open to all levels of practitioners of yoga including beginners, advanced and teachers.
I am based in North London at the Active Birth Centre from June to December where I teach group and private classes, and in Cape Town, South Africa from December to June. I am currently running a 15 month yoga teachers training course in South Africa.


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