Karen Murray

Hopkins, MN
United States
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Yoga teacher and partner owner at "Good Vibrations Yoga" in Hopkins, MN I have practiced yoga for 30 years now and still learn more all of the time from my teachers and students. Living life with full self expression and loving everyone so you can find who they are and teach what you know.

Yoga has helped me recover from scoliosis, depression, divorce, death in the family, and Lyme disease. In 2010, I started over after a near death accident. I love teaching all levels of yoga student from beginner to teacher's trainings. Current Yoga Teacher Training director at Good Vibrations Yoga - New programs start year-round.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My first yoga instructor-- became hooked!

I began my yoga journey with Karen, who owns Yoga Prairie studio. She was very welcoming and had a beautiful a clean studio, so it was a great first impression. The class I took had a range of abilities and she was able to accommodate all. I felt motivated and challenged. I moved to a new town a year later, but am still doing yoga daily. Karen is also a very authentic person who inspires people outside of yoga as well.

Karen MurrayMay 4, 2016
Thanks Angela!

Thank you for your review. I'm so glad you are still practicing!

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First time- a charm

I only had one class with her, I am from New York, and was my first ever yoga class. She was excellent at beginning me with simple basics and gradually moving me on to more intense activity. She also was very in tune to my body and was sure to not overstretch or stress my body as we progressed. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and it gave me the desire to continue with yoga training.

Karen MurrayJuly 31, 2017
Thank you for the review!

I'm a little slow to read my reviews! I am so happy to introduce you to yoga and to see you at our meditation gatherings - you are an inspiration to us all Peter.

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A rare gem - YEARS of quality experience

Karen is such a rare find in this ever increasing field of yoga instructors. Karen's rich, extensive background both in yoga as well as her spiritual and meditation practice gives her the insight, clarity and focus to be present for her students. She wants the highest for those she interacts with both in class and in life - and she is a presence of that commitment which I feel very fortunate to have known all these years.

Karen MurrayMay 4, 2016

If you're looking for a massage therapist with that kind of experience and skill, Susan McCarl's Massage is the best.

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Excellent, experienced teaching

Karen is a very experienced teacher with a very calm, warm energy. She is the type of teacher who meets you where you are instead of expecting students to conform to a teaching style.

You will comfortable and welcome right away no matter your level of experience.

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I <3 Karen!

Rockstar instructor, authentic and fun! Karen is a sweetheart, and she's funny. I always leave her classes feeling balanced (mind/body/spirit) and cared for. She has a wealth of knowledge, but is not 'preachy.' She taught me how to master headstand in just one class - Of course I'll never forget that! Her cues are different (in a good way!) than other classes I take. I trust her to keep and eye on my alignment, and appreciate this always. I can not express how much I LOVE Karen and her classes. Her smile is contagious:)

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A Great Teacher

Karen is very knowledgable, kind and patient.

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Lifelong Yogi and Teacher

Karen has a heartfelt presence in her teaching. Her many years of practice, meditation and studies have provided her with a broad base of wisdom, knowledge and compassion. Her teaching style, focuses in on the students enjoyment of yoga, their needs on their particular journey and a releasing practice.

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Experienced teacher with broad experience of yoga styles

I did my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Karen and taught at her Yoga Prairie Studio for over a year. She has a broad yoga experience ranging from ashtanga and the rocket to beginner's hatha, vinyasa and even laughter yoga. She offers good adjustments and asana modifications and is very friendly, bringing some levity to a class. I recommend her classes and as a yoga teacher trainer.

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Wecomed as 1st timers

My 10 year old son and I started in Karen's class a year ago and fell in love with yoga! Karen was careful to make sure we did not injurer ourselves with any poses. Karen asked if I had shoulder issues after one class, which I did, because of my body position in the pose. She asked some questions, listened to what I hoped to achieve with yoga and showed us some things to do at home. We have continued yoga with Karen and could not be more pleased with the overall instruction we have received.

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Experience without ego

Karen is an excellent teacher for both beginners who need the kind of experience, attention to alignment and knowledge of alternatives that she provides with generosity and grace. More seasoned practitioners will appreciate Karen's lightness, strength, humility, knowledge and practice. Go for the top notch yoga, stay for Karen's radiant smile!

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A gem of a teacher in Eden Prairie!

Karen is a very experienced and welcoming teacher. You will always feel comfortable in her classes no matter what your level is. She knows yoga very well and explains poses so that you can challenge yourself if ready or modify if not.
I love the small neighborhood yoga concept because it's a close-knit community.
I highly recommend Karen Kinnard!