Karen Swanson

Bethel, ME
United States

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Enwaken EnErgy Coach - a wonderful way to "get" your own goodness!
When we illuminate our habitual ways of seeing and thinking about ourselves, we can choose another way. The way that honors our essence.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy - a 1:1 process, where you 'receive' yoga postures, and get 'Aha's' via the body, with the added assist of a light, client directed dialogue. This process, like the energy coaching, can be mind-blowing in its ability to free you up and reveal core truths.

Open Sky Yoga - unconventional classes that are informed almost just as much by my intuition, and the wisdom of the natural world, as they are by my yoga experience. Yin, Restorative, Partner, pranayama, shamatha meditation, and whatever else works!


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