Kari Jaffe

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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We all struggle with body image, I’m no stranger to it. Once tipping the scales at 215 pounds, I found myself plateauing after a 40lb weight-loss. A dear friend introduced me to Bikram’s Hot Yoga while I was living in Miami’s South Beach. I remember every moment of my first class, recognizing, I couldn’t touch my toes or barely even pick up my foot, yet I was truly inspired by the people around me, somehow, knowing that in that moment I was shape shifting my life forever.
Yoga came into my life exactly when I needed it most, strengthening my body while quieting my mind. I continued to grow in ways I could never have imagined. Yoga made my limbs suddenly feel stronger and more toned. I became better at breathing. Yes, more conscious and aware of how I used my breathe to move through my body. I started to shift my thoughts and change my mind. I became more aware of habits, both good and bad. I began to listen more, not just to the people around me, but to myself, my body, my intuition.
Yoga gave me will power I never knew I had. It gave me fortitude, strength, perseverance, courage, SELF LOVE.
I teach from a space of possibility. I encourage my students to stay interested in their practice and urge them to constantly try something new. If you apply yourself, and stay open to what your body is capable of, you will unlock the magic of your yoga practice.
I have been teaching at Bikram Yoga Marina del Rey since I graduated from training in Spring 2013. I am the creator of a local after school yoga program, Practice not Perfect, which is coming up on it's fourth year! I am always searching and striving to learn more, so I can be the most effective teacher possible. I am currently enrolled in the Loyola Marymount University program for Yoga and the Healing Sciences, and I also begin teaching and working with the USC football team this coming season. You can see more about me and my passion for yoga on my website


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