I began studying yoga to support physical and mental health. I began searching for tools to use to design and help her -- first when she was diagnosed with scoliosis at age eleven and then with blood sugar issues (type 1 diabetes) at seventeen. Accepting that one with chronic diseases has to go the extra mile to stay alive and well, and wanting to live every day to the fullest - yoga practices called to me.

Rumi wrote: When I was eleven I was clever and wanted to change the world. And now I am wiser and want to change myself.

However, even at 11, I knew I'd need to do all I could to support my health and even now I want to change the world - with yogic practices.)

As my studies and practices evolved, I noticed that a consistent yoga (or moving meditation practice) has a profound and positive effect on the quality of life. My back is straightish and my BG's much more stable when I practice. I've studied with many Western teachers including Kripalu's Thakor Patel and Seattle's Bob Smith, Kathleen Hunt, Lisa Black, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Rodney Yee, Baron Baptiste, Sianna Sherman. Lineages include Hatha Vinyasa Tantric -- and other forms.

I combine my practice yoga with an understanding of techniques to help with everything from posture to the subtle body and everything in between. I suggest techniques including nutrition, kriya, breathwork, mantra, meditation to stimulate your energy (kundalini, chi, ki, prana) and postures and other techniques to stimulate the body. My teachings are designed to promote mindful and playful action to align and strengthen an awakened state of posture, breath, body, heart, and mind.

Since April 2009, I have led yoga classes twice a week in Seattle King County to people in my workplace, privately, as well as to occasionally to school children at my son's schools.

I'm ready to branch out and share the skills to help folks, non-stop, around-the-clock to be strong inside and out, to build a layer of
armor to manage the personality changes that accompany blood sugar swings, and to share how diabetes and yoga has taught me compassion for others. I offer my practice and teaching in gratitude and service so that others may have the good fortune in not having any complications throughout their lives.


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