Karine Barbeau

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Yoga teacher & Psychologist
* Loving Life, loving always happy to share yogic moments such as practice early in the morning, meditation in sacred places all over the world, singing *

Privates & collective yoga classes in south France, Paris and around the world
YogaTherapy psychology counselling (1 to 1, skype, tel)
Meditation practice (privates, couple, collective)

Hatha Yoga - Pranayama - Meditation - Yoga Nidra

Cours privés & collectifs dans le sud de la France, à Paris et autour du monde
YogaThérapie - accompagnement psychologique (Gestion du stress, préparation à un objectif, troubles du sommeil, troubles alimentaires, gestion des é)
Cours de méditation

Envie d'offrir une séance de yoga / méditation? Envie de vous offrir une séance? Besoin d'un accompagnement personnalisé alliant la psychologie occidentale et la sagesse du yoga? Contactez-moi pour nous organiser!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

10 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A truly superb yoga teacher

Karine is one of the best yoga teachers I have studied with. Warm, grounded and her classes have great depth. If you get a chance to work with her you should jump at it!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Incredibly knowledgeable and great adviser

Karine has been the yoga teacher that most want to share her knowledge to make your life better and help you achieve your goals. She is also a great listener.
I was amazed by her level of knowledge and experience on yoga on a physical, spiritual and medecinal level.
She is one to practice with FOR SURE

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Awesome teacher

I had the pleasure of practising yoga with Karine in Bali and loved her class! Very breath and body and spiritually focused all at once. She is also incredibly friendly and created an awesome atmosphere in the class.

I hope to practise with her again one day!

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Very nice and easy yoga with Karine

I have tried different yoga class but never something like this...
Karine is too me a perfect teacher, she explain very clearly, pay attention to what you are doing and everything looks easy to do.
When you go to her class, it's like time is stopping and everything is smooth and nice, I have never been on a cloud but I think it's like that ;)

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Very Experienced & Real

Karine is a unique teacher in that she embodies much wisdom and experience yet has a playful side to her that combines so well in her classes. I learnt so much from Karine such as my interest in Mantra which is now a pivotal part of my life! Thank you dear one and I look forward to being in your presence again x

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Wise and inspiring teacher

Karine is simply extraordinary. She truly embodies what Yoga is to me, both on and off the mat. Her unassuming yet amazingly deep wisdom and strength are an inspiration. I unreservedly recommend her.

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Karine has such a calm and gentle manner and is softly spoken . I felt immediately at ease in her presence and her explanation and demonstration was clear and precise. She has great knowledge and experience on pranayama and was also guiding me through a meditation technique and was leading a chant She really listened to me and was prepared for the class but she was also very intuitative to what I needed at that moment .
I was very happy after attending her class and will continue going to Karine's
lessons .

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Thank you Karine!

My experience with Karine has been one of Love, compassion and acceptance. She will help you transition safely on your yoga journey.

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Perfect courses for the Body and Soul

Due to her rare double competency (yoga and psychology), Karine's courses are very valuable. On top of her kindness, happiness and careful attentiveness, Karine perfectly masters yoga postures. I particularly recommend her "Yoga Nidra" sessions that are impressive.

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Traditional yoga with a sunny smile and an open mind

I have loved watching Karine practice in my classes whilst she was unfolding as a human being and a yogini over the course of a very demanding 4 year teacher training course. She is one of the few young yoga teachers I know who not only has a strong daily asana practice (through which she flows with ease and grace) but also practices mantras and meditation daily and studies sanskrit and harmonium playing with Indian masters.


Her sunny personnality is also full of wisdom, thanks to her travels far and wide and her degree in psychology, which has lead her to work with adolescents in the French school system. Karine also organises yoga and hiking trips to Morrocco with a Morroccan friend of hers. Based in Marseille, she is a great teacher to go to if you want to learn traditional yoga to feel better in body and mind. You'll be well taken care of.