Karine Sawh

Pelham Manor, NY
United States

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Kālyana is my Sanskrit name, Karine is my French one. I am quite of a globetrotter. Born in France, I lived in India for a few years and now in NY for over a decade. My background is rich in fitness, nutrition and creative work, all formative experiences that have helped me teach well being, and healthy living.
My everyday life embraces yoga, meditation, organic living, and the learning of spiritual teachings. This routine helps me to convey a sense of stability, and mindfulness to students, and others.
As an Integral Yoga Hatha teacher I approach each class as a complete yoga practice, experiencing chanting, physical poses, a guided deep relaxation, breathing techniques, and meditation.
I created my company Kālyana Ka in 2015 and created Inspired Yoga Travels in 2016 as my passion is to create and lead people around the world. There are meaningful vacations based on the teachings of yoga mingled with a theme - One country; one theme. ex: French Alps/Yoga&Hiking; India, Yoga&Leisure; Switzerland, Yoga&Culture; Guatemala, Yoga&Holistic heatlh etc. ‘Inspired' stands for creativity; ‘Yoga' stands for learning a healthy life style, and Travels/Vacations for discovery and fun, as I believe life is meant to be fun.
I don't teach much in studios as I travel a lot. I mainly sub and teach private classes.

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