Karisa Judith

11743, NY
United States
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As a student first Karisa learned that Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Self Mastery. It is a Yoga that makes you drop your self-limiting beliefs so you can fulfill your destiny, your purpose, and understand what you are here to do. Karisa is one of those rare teachers that brings the teachings of Kundalini yoga into a safe space so people can rediscover the joy and wisdom that already lives inside of them selves. Connecting with her practitioner’s trough breath, mantra, movement and music she brings a unique modern fun twist to her Kundalini Yoga classes. Karina’s love of music from the old day’s of New York city’s best night life musicians, she incorporated that sound vibration into all her classes helping us to reconnect to the rhythm to connect to our strength. She has studied internationally through out Greece, Costa Rica, Canada, New York and India bringing a deeper level profound authenticity that is both powerful and profound to her students. Karisa classes designed to detoxify the glandular system, cleanse and strengthen the immune system on a physical level; as she’s works equally and as powerfully on a mental and spiritual level to de-stress the body, and mind providing clarity, embrace