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Karo has been practicing Yoga for over 12 years. In 2009 she started traveling to India and that’s how her life’s revolution begun – in Goa she met her husband Ajay with whom in 2010 she founded Bodhi Tree Yoga International School. In 2012 they decided to create a new independent project focused on health, yoga and social work – in cooperation with “Loving Lap” they founded Trimurti Yoga.
Trying to keep a proper balance between East and West Karo teaches in India and Europe. Her path of Yoga had started with the best Iyengar Yoga teachers in Warsaw, but soon she started exploring many other Yoga styles and traditions, discovering and creating her own Yoga style based on both: classical and modern schools. After visiting many ashrams and training centers (including legendary Bihar School of Yoga) she decided to change her profession and become a Yoga Teacher. Previously she was working in the field of Theatre and Music – in Poland, UK and Germany, making artistic projects with kids, youths, people with mental problems and disabilities. In India she has finished two Yoga Alliance registered teacher training courses (in Dharamsala and Amboli), and became Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Registered Senior Yoga Teacher) as well as a certified Pre-natal Yoga Teacher (RPYT). Her Yoga and Meditation workshops are the result of both yogic and artistic personal experiences. Art & Theater techniques combined with Yoga & Meditation brings an unique and beautiful teaching methodology, and unusual exercises for body-consciousness and dance-soul improvisation. She teaches few styles: Vinyasa Flow (beloved one!), traditional Ashtanga, Sivananda and Iyengar Yoga. During her workshops you can find space for your own creativity and self-expression. She is working with kids and adults, beginners and advanced students.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

34 Reviews

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Karo is a very dedicated, focused and pricise Yoga-Teacher. She explains a lot and takes care about your proper alignments and safety. If I would suggest something for her lessons, then it´s a bit more fun, but that is my personal impression and not necessarily important for the teaching. Karo has a very good empathy, especially for women! I wish her all the best and I´m very happy we met in India for the TTC Course, which is very recommendable if someone likes to learn more about Yoga and want to teach as well! Big Hug, Sonja

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Teacher Training Course Goa

I would highly recommend Karolina Sharma and Trimurti yoga, I found my training invaluable and have been teaching and continuing my education as I go along since I completed my 200 hours TTC with Karolina.

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'amazing person and teacher'

I am very lucky and honored to have met Karo as a teacher and person. Her passion for teaching blows you away.Always supportive, gentle, strong yet very knowledgeable. I will always remember my teacher training with Trimurti team!
Thank you all!

Karolina SharmaOctober 10, 2014
Thank you Mariella!

Thank you so much for your warm words, it is so motivating to hear it! I think the reason why I am a good teacher is because I have luck to have amazing students! Keep on teaching Yoga, hope to meet you one day again! Love! P.S. Maya is missing you a lot;-)

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Very skillful and experienced yoga teacher

I had the opportunity to have Karolina as my yoga teacher when I attended the Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in Arambol, Goa, in February-March 2013. She gave me knowledge that has helped me very much in both my own yoga practice as well as my teachings to others. I can warmly recommend her if you are thinking of becoming a yoga teacher or want to deepen your own practice. Namaste!

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a passionate teacher

Karo is a very passionate and knowledgable teacher. She has a lot of experience in a variety of styles of yoga and it is clear she is excited to share her knowledge with her students. Her classes are a mix of the spiritual and physical--she teaches from the heart but combines that with a great awareness of the body and a strict attention to detail when it comes to alignment and safety. I learned a great deal from her.

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Inspirational, Personable, and Fun!

Karo is a wonderful teacher. I had her as my main instructor for my TTC and it was absolutely fantastic. She wants you to find your own path as a yoga teacher, and explores options with you to make the transition easier going from student to teacher. Her teaching style is focused on alignement, but definetly has a free flow attitude towards her students- as long as you are being safe with your body, she is all for playing. Ahimsa is her number one yogic guideline for herself and her students. My only complaint is that I am not still in India with her and her fantastic teaching team.

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Great teacher

Karo is a great teacher. Very considerate and safe. Good adjustments but not too many.

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My review Karo

Karolina is by far, the best teacher I have ever had. She saw the every student individually, and made us get to know our selves more than I had expected. My plan when I started her course, was not to actually become and work as a yoga teacher, but she made me open my eyes to myself. My love for yoga has always been there, but she inspired me to teach and share my love. She is both wild and structured, spiritual and body focused.


One of the things I loved most about her teaching, is her body focus thou. She explained how there is no "correct" way to practice yoga. That every body is different, and you have to do what comes natural to you. That some people are not made for some asanas, and some just have to do them a bit differently.
She showed me compassion and love, guided and supported me the whole way. I am thankful for this, and will not hesitate to do more of her courses.

I strongly recommend Karolina Sharma and her yoga courses!

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5-stars:Good and experienced teacher (!sliders dind´t work!)

Karo has a profound knowledge of the body, people and yoga. She´s a save and clear teacher. Not too spiritual, nice adjustments.

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From Michela

Karo is great!!

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I enjoyed her classes

During the TTC with Karo and her team, I always felt very welcome, save und comfortable. She is a great TTC trainer and Yoga teacher and combines the high priority of safety with spiritual aspects and fun. Her focus on the fact that every person has his/her own restrictions and therefore his/her own way of practicing yoga really influenced my way of teaching. I can only say thanks for that!

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I think Karolina is a great person and a good teacher. She took care of everybody in the teacher training I did few months ago in India. I learnt many interesting things about the practice, how to be aware of the body limits and the respect of yourself on the mat and off as well.
You can see Karo loves yoga she can tell to you with all her heart.

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Beautiful spirituality

Karolina is an amazing person and teacher, very keen in sharing her knockledge and all her expériences about teaching yoga
She is honest about her beliefs but share all aspects of yoga to the students for thèm to choose what suit them best.
She remains for me and forever a respectful teacher Who changed something in my Life vision.

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loveling classes and surprising moments

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Wants to mold teachers

Many yogis are creating excellent practitioners- Karo is focused on making yogis that can be great teachers themselves. There is a focus on how to train both new and experienced yoga instructors. Karo encourages creativity and a balance between the physical and spiritual. And she is a great friend who wants you to be fulfilled during your time in India (or wherever you may meet her).

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Karo is with her friendlyness a very professional teacher. She shows the asanas and explains them very good. She is spiritual but not too much, so that non spiritual people also like her style. Always she keeps her focus on safety for the students first.

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An amazing person and teacher!

It's hard to put into words just how qualified Karolina is to share her yoga teachings with those around her. I've never been instructed by someone that cares about the success of her students, as much as she does. Trimurti yoga is a very special place and that's because it is filled with the transparent love Karolina demonstrates with each person.

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Karolina Sharma is a fully wonderful yoga teacher! She teach with deep empathy, with clarity and great knowledge, with professionalism and still being authentic, very engaged and positively motivating her yoga students and always with a smile on her lips. I miss you and your loving energy Karo :-) Love Pia from Denmark.

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Karo & the team

I had an amazing experience and time with the team at Trimurti in Goa, Karo is a fabulous teacher and is obviously loved and respected from the people that work with her, which helped to make my time there very happy and memorable. I could not have asked for better instruction and support, I love the variety of yoga that is taught at Trimurti and it has helped me so much on my journey as a teacher since. Karo would do all she can to make your experience at Trimurti as memorable as it has been for me.

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Last Year in India

I can't recommend Karolina enough, she is a magnificent teacher and understands how to communicate and reach for people best and true potential. My time doing my TTC with Karo last year will be an experience I will not forget.

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In Karo we trust!

I undertook te teacher training program with Karo in June of 2012. This was one of the most inspirational months of my life. Karo and Trimurti yoga embody yogic education with a fusion of Eastern and Western values. The supportive, educational and non-judgemental methods of teaching were in line with traditional yogic philosophies in modern day times. Thank you Karo, you are amazing!

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..simply the GREATEST!!

The perfect union between grace, strength, humility, humor, intelligence, and spirituality... They offer a program structured enough to push you in order to make you better and discover your limits, yet at the same time give you the complete freedom to grow from your limitations in the best way possible, by allowing "you" to be "you." In life you want to surround yourself with that which is real, and these people are REAL!!

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Natural teaching

I've never met a person like Karo. Very special, incredible and knowlagable teacher.

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Inspiring chic

Karo teaches with love ,compassion and inspiration !