Karrie Sandford


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My passion for yoga and securing a connection with blissful health and good feelings comes from my awe of nature and the outdoors. As a little girl I found my connection with the world while I hiked, climbed, and explored the forest and seashore near my home. I meandered on rocky ocean beaches and swam and sailed. Cycling both on and off-road give me an immense amount of exhilaration. I spent long hours on outdoor basketball courts and on competitive swim teams, and in high school and university I continued playing basketball in varsity and recreational settings. Strength training and stretch training allowed me to get to know my body and both my physical and mental ability to feel satisfaction at biological and spiritual levels. In the early nineties I suffered a broken pelvis and went through a long process of recovery and rehabilitation. Luckily, having already been in great shape my biggest concern was establishing and maintaining healthy skeletal alignment. In 2000, while living in Europe I attended my first Hatha yoga class. In the past 10 years both pilates and yoga have been the backbone of my physical wellness routine, and in the past 4 years, my spiritual wellness routine as well. Through challenging transitions of personal and professional change and emotional growth in my relationships with others and my relationship with myself I have often relied almost exclusively on my yoga practice, breathing, and meditation. My biggest discovery in my 40 years has been the importance of connecting with exactly what it is that most effectively energizes and inspires me. And in too many ways to name, the holistic practices of yoga have taught me to discover and enjoy these things.

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