Katarzyna Frankfort

Westfield, NJ
United States

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Kasia Frankfort was originally introduced to Yoga in 1993. From her very first practice, she embraced the exploration of the mind-body connection and became a Yoga lover for life. After almost 20 years of personal practice, Kasia became a Certified Yoga Instructor upon completion of a 300-hour Teacher Training Course at the American Yoga Academy, accredited by Yoga Alliance (Certified in March 2013). There, she studied under Claire Diab, a long-time associate of Dr. Deepak Chopra and the Director of The Chopra Center Yoga Teacher Training Program. Kasia has been greatly inspired by Claire Diab, as well as her other teachers: Jennifer Cavalieri, Gina Pachkowski, Cindy Fechter, and Elaine Coburn. She extends her deepest reverence and gratitude to all of these teachers.
Kasia’s style of Yoga is a unique blend of various styles of Hatha Yoga and the ancient Yoga philosophies. Her classes offer a combination of fluid movement, breathing, and relaxation, to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Kasia’s classes are generally designed so that the physical practice conditions one’s nervous system and equip students with the tools to navigate through stress and/or anxiety of daily life. They are infused with her passion for the power of yogic philosophy, mantra, exploration of conscious breath and movement flowing into stillness. She designs beautiful flow variations for all levels. Whether a beginner or a seasoned yogi, her style is enjoyable for everyone. Kasia pays particular attention to proper body alignment and breathing techniques to optimize the benefits of the physical practice of Yoga. She also offers her students ideas of how to incorporate the spiritual aspects of Yoga in their daily life, on and off the mat. Kasia teaches meditation techniques and offers chakra-toning exercises. She also received training for teaching children's Yoga from Pamela Nixon. March-June 2013, Kasia instructed a daily morning practice for a 5th grade class in one of Westfield's elementary schools.

Kasia enjoys teaching both children and adults, in a class or private in-home settings.

- Namaste


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