Kate (Ananda) Steiner

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Even in yoga there is competition, striving, force, unbalanced teachings and body shaming … through my work I bust the myths that can surround yoga and make the beauty of the body when practicing accessible to everyone, whether in movement, breath or stillness. This physical form is our link to the present moment and only when we are in total acceptance of ourselves can we be at peace

When we step onto our mats or into our yoga practice, it changes us.
We flow, we stretch, we breathe, we swan-dive, we become still ... we are beautiful and our perceived imperfections no longer matter

My mission is to inspire YOU to see and celebrate YOUR own authentic, beautiful uniqueness, whatever physical form it comes in and to help you to 


In capturing the beauty of the human figure, which is authentically personal and unique, a wonderful keepsake is created that will always be a reminder to celebrate the present moment, your practice and the beauty that surrounds it. 

Made using charcoal, handmade paint from earth and soil (as a gentle reminder that we are all children of nature), acrylic and a whole lotta love, this one of a kind painting will capture your unique beauty whilst simultaneously inviting viewers to connect and see their own uniqueness within yours!
By focussing only on the body and not the face, my paintings allow viewers to see themselves reflected in your beautiful image, therefore becoming a radiant message of self-love and acceptance, not only for you but for all those view it. 

My vision and purpose is to assist YOU to remember the innate beauty of YOUR own physical body in movement, breath or stillness and to capture a moment of pure acceptance, taking away any striving for perfection and inspiring, not only a self-love but also a love of where YOU are in YOUR yoga practice, and YOUR life, right NOW! 


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Happy teacher makes happy yogis

Kat is a great teacher, full of joy and happiness. Very attentive to each students capabilities and wishes, she gives clear explanations, often offers different variations for each asana and always encourage you to enjoy the class in the best way you can.
I already had a dozen of sessions with her and each of them is the best one I had !

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Great Yoga Teacher

Ananda, is a great yoga teacher. She has a talent to teach from the first day.
I know it as we took together a Yoga Teacher Training Course.
You will feel her positive energy through the class and you will got inspired by here example!