Kate Bing

Tempe, AZ
United States

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Driven by an endless sense of curiousity and a innate desire for connectedness, yoga is all about discovery. Kate believes that stepping onto your mat is an invitation to discover what makes your heart beat, a practice in embracing all parts of who you are and learning to live fully from an authentic place. She believes that yoga is an opportunity to create (and re-create) love, gratitude, joy, playfulness, healing and forgiveness so that these gifts can be taken off of our yoga mats and into the world. She believes yoga is accessible to everyone and guides her students to listen to the deeper more subtle cues of their bodies to overcome whatever curve balls life may have thrown them. She adds laughter, compassion, strength, and skillful physical adjustments within her classes in the hope to inspire individuals to reach their greatest potential both on and off the mat. Kate began taking yoga in 2012 and completed her 200-hour training at Be Luminous rooted in the style of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in May 2015 Seattle, WA. She continually deepens her practice and refines her teaching skills.


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