Kate Eipl

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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As a kid, I was constantly fidgeting or moving in my seat. I could not sit still to save my life. I had a ton of energy that I didn’t know what to do with, so I moved as much as possible.

When I was old enough, I started channeling my energy into sports. Before I knew it, I had played basketball for four years, volleyball for seven years, track and field for two, cross country for two, weight trained for two, and even danced for one year. During this time, I accumulated several recurring injuries; fractured toes and fingers, jammed fingers, and sprained ankles and wrists.

Figuring this kind of treatment couldn’t be good for the body, I walked away from sports in an attempt to give my body a chance to heal. It didn’t. I was just injuring it less. I still had weak wrist and ankles that cracked pretty much every time I moved them. At this point, I assumed that I would have these injuries for life.

I moved to Los Angeles, to receive a Masters in Production Management. Not long after, two of my good friends dragged me to a yoga class. I was amazed, for the first time in over a decade, I felt relief from past injuries. I was hooked and began exploring ways to strengthen my physical injuries.

Yoga provides me with an outlet to be active while nurturing and strengthening the injured areas of my body. It has increased my overall mobility and flexibility. Now I can move better now than I did in my sport days. It is my mission to empower others to learn how to move mindfully to recover from (and prevent) injuries. Ultimately, healing the body and increasing the body’s range of motion.


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