Kate Garland

Monrovia, CA
United States

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Kate has taught classical Hatha Yoga for over 12 years, is a graduate of the prestigious two-year Yoga Therapy Rx program at Loyola Marymount University and the founder of kate | yoga, a boutique studio and private Yoga therapy practice in the foothills of Los Angeles. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and medical diagnosis, as well as the ancient healing therapies that help activate the body's innate healing capabilities, including breathing techniques, meditation, Vedic chanting, mudras, chakras, restorative Yoga and Yoga nidra. Kate teaches a sutras-based, highly individualized, breath-centered practice that is truly holistic and unique to each student. Her classes and workshops go beyond asana and encompass all the tools that Yoga offers including sound, chanting, gratitude meditation, positive visualization, relationships counseling and life skills re-education.


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