Kate Holmquist

Chicago, IL
United States

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Kate has always had strong role models in her life and was lucky enough to have an incredible and supportive family who truly made her believe she could do anything. Kate earned a in Marketing and Communication at the University of Minnesota where she continued to foster the allure of teaching and leading through club sports, student government, and volunteering around campus. Kate is so thankful and delighted to feed this passion to help others and share the empowering yogic practice.

Kate is eternally grateful to her mom for bringing her along to a yoga class, after that first class she never looked back. The vinyasa flow felt like a detoxifying dance and she could not ignore how incredible she felt leaving the studio. The following year Kate and her mother made the trip out to Wilbur Hot Springs in the foothills of California for a yoga retreat. Neither had ever been on one before but were eager to venture deeper into their yoga practice! After completing the retreat Kate had fully embraced yoga and its numerous benefits into her life and cultivated a regular practice. Yoga has been such a positive force in her life and has truly empowered her to be the best version of herself! Last summer Kate completed her 200 hour teacher training, which was one of the best things she had done for herself. Kate is so honored and thrilled to be part of the Aayu Clinics team at Lakeview Immediate Care and looks forwards to not only teaching and empowering these blossoming yogis but also learning from them too.

Kate strives to create sequences that are for the every man. Too many times people turn away from practicing yoga because they are intimidated and worried that they do not have what it takes to be a successful yogi but we all have the light inside us that ignites a beautiful practice! Kate customizes her sequences so that all practitioners can truly absorb the benefits of their practice and feel good about coming to their mat. Her sequences tend to lean towards a vinyasa flow class with some power fusions inspired poses in which you fluidly transition through various postures as if it were a dance. With her laid back teaching style and light personality she keeps the class fun while still pushing you to find your edge. Kate helps students cultivate an understanding and awareness of their body and spirit by utilizing meditation, pranayama or breathing exercises, as well as turning inward throughout the asanas. She pulls inspiration from nature, other practitioners, as well as her own yogic journey to create exciting yet challenging classes.


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