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United Kingdom

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Kaomudii (Kate) founded Kate Hudson Wellbeing where those seeking peace, balance and stress-relief can find the personal support they need. She offers health and wellbeing coaching programs worldwide.

Kate qualified as a 'Yoga Sikshasa' (Teacher of Yoga) with the Himalayan Yoga Institute in Mali Losinj, Croatia in 2015. She teaches under the school of Raja Dhiraja Yoga, which is a complete system for the body and mind to offer the full benefits of the traditional teachings to her students. Her asana classes weave traditional with contemporary, and are flowing sequences of postures designed to balance you, inspire you and open space for you to step into your greatness. They include pranayama (breathing), asana (postures) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to nourish you physically and mentally. The profound effects of asanas on the chakras and endocrine system are explored to leave you with a sense of overall well being.

Kate teaches private classes in Bristol and runs wellbeing retreats, offering complete mind and body nourishment to women seeking peace, health, and balance. She is inspired by nature, loves practicing outdoors, and runs her retreats in locations that embrace the beautiful energies of the earth.

Kate also specialises in teaching those with knee problems. Having suffered chronic pain and inflammation after a car accident as a teen, she has used yoga over the years to keep her mentally and physically in balance. Yoga postures are a wonderful way to stabilise the body and take degenerative pressure off of the knee joint. Kate fully understands the limitations of exercise with knee pain and how practicing yoga can help those who suffer. Ultimately, having medial plica removal surgeries in 2014 & 2015 to improve her quality of life, she has also used yoga for post-surgery recovery.


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