Kate Perry

Calgary, AB

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I was introduced to the lineage of yoga when I was in University studying Transpersonal Psychology, Existentialism, and Eastern Meditation practices. After completing my Addictions Counselling degree I started a career in counselling, specializing in working with those impacted by interpersonal violence and trauma who cope with addiction. Over the last 7 years I have studied and practiced counselling using a mind-body focused approach. As my professional career became increasingly focused on mindfulness, my yoga practice became more dedicated. In 2013, I enrolled in my first yoga teacher training at Yogadotcalm, followed by a year long Yoga Therapy training at the Calgary Yoga Studio College that helped bridge my therapeutic and yoga knowledge.

My practice always seems to be transforming with life and has adapted through surgeries, pregnancy, and postpartum. Despite the changes, my yoga practice grounds me and improves my capacity to flow with the waves of life. My intention is to teach my students to find their own practice and to support them in their journeys of creating space in their lives for it as they go through their own waves.

I am passionate about learning and exploring the human experience. I have a yoga and/or philosophy book on every shelf in my home! I am so grateful for the Mandorla Yoga Family and all of my past, present, and future teachers- in supporting me to continue learning and teaching what I love!

I look forward to meeting you on our mats.


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