Kate Will

Erie, PA
United States

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25+ years in child development has led me to share yoga with the youngest and most accepting of the practices that builds strength, resilience, internal peace and calm. Family classes add the benefit of supporting parents in an often stressful, overbooked life.
Offering gentle yoga classes for adults of all levels, creates accessibility and opportunity to tone body and tune into soul, leading to rejuvenation and self awareness as well as integration and balance. Focusing on a meditative approach to asana and an extended savasana leading to yoga nidra, transformation begins within. With the understanding that our yoga is really a lifestyle and that practice continues off the mat, students are encouraged to develop consistency and allow for variety in their exploration.
Unique Aqua Yoga available at Fitness U, Tues and Thurs 8:45-9:30 am. .
Be filled with peace✌ Expand in love ❤️


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