Kate Wrightson

Fort Collins, CO
United States
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" Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Living by the essence of Emerson's words, Kate moved out to Colorado from Virginia in 2010 on a journey of physical healing, self-discovery and the realization of her true desires - boundless authenticity and service to others. Making the most of her circumstance after a series of accidents left Kate with debilitating spinal disc and nerve injuries as well as TMJ disorder, she embarked on a deep study of physical fitness training, yoga and Reiki practices which brought her back to a place of limitless strength and motivation for her clients, friends and family. It is her goal to share her wealth of information and understanding with the community through the creation of Live Beyond Limit and its collective of professionals and therapeutic modalities to bring about lasting change, empowerment and overall wellness in all aspects of life and health.

Certified since 2008, Kate has thousands of hours of experience in collegiate, professional and private settings to deeply enhance the effects of her clients' fitness and holistic health training. Her certifications include Yoga, Reiki Master Teacher, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Cardiovascular Conditioning and CPR/AED/First Aid as well as in depth studies in anatomy, physiology, corrective exercise, postural correction and injury prevention.

Her services include Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Sahaja, JourneyWork Therapeutics, Reiki, Yogic Counseling, Corrective Exercise Training and Personal Training in individual, couples, small group or class settings as well as educational and motivational workshops, presentations and special events.

Please do not hesitate to send Kate a message at and remember to live beyond limit, smile and enjoy yourself in all you do.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Intental every thing Kate Does in and out of class

LivebeyondLimit : The name in its self speaks of intentional creation we CAN create with our mind, spirit and body movements as individuals in this safe happy fun loving community. This community provides each of us the ability to express our inner desires and wants as long as we can individually find the time to dedicate to our practice.


I’m not saying you have to come every day, maybe at least once a week and grow by adding on as you find and design your own destiny with all the possibilities this studio provides us to grow with each passing year. I started out practicing here at this particular studio a year ago in November 2014 and kept coming back for more by involving myself in new avenues and new possibilities no other studio can provide like this one has for me. Each teachers unique teaching skills has allowed more openness and awareness in my mind, body and spirit as I come to each class. The part that shines through is how much each teacher genially cares for you and all your differences that makes you who you are. I have bad knees and a spot in my lumbar spine that has kept me in pain for years, and sometimes I think to myself if these activities are even a possibility, but as I increase my practice and my awareness of how to grow I become more able to the possibilities before me and make them into a reality. Each of us have different body injuries or stiff muscles and we each are learning how to isolate each muscle at different rates during yoga classes acknowledged by each teacher. The teachers exceed by assisting you to becoming the best you can be by genital guided yoga, individualized yoga settings, to inversions on the silks and lira, massage, teachings of self massage and so much more than I can put into words. I can’t wait to discover more with each passing time I come here to LiveBeyondLimit! Thank you for all of your true self guidance during and between classes with each of us. I truly believe that I am becoming more my true self the more that I spend in this studio. I have less pain, more strength, more awareness of muscle isolations, and my mind feels clear with intentions to work harder towards my hopes and dreams. Namaste to all and thank you for reading this testimony I wrote.

Jamie Yuresko