Katherine Friday

North Little Rock, AR
United States

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Health, Wellness and Life Coach
Yoga Teacher
Spiritual Adviser

All my life I have been drawn to find a higher meaning in life, to live life to the fullest and live up to my full potential. An event in 1999 finally jolted me into taking a closer look at who I am and what I am doing and to find some answers.

For many years I have studied physical health and wellness techniques, relaxation and mental and emotional balancing therapies, spiritual practices and philosophies and relationships. I have studied how all of these combine to bring about a more vibrant, healthy, fulfilling and satisfying life.

I can remember even at a very young age giving advice to others. As a mature adult I now feel that is one of my innate gifts, abilities and talents and something that I find very fulfilling….telling other people what to do!! One of the MANY lessons learned the “hard way” is to wait until I am asked for advice before giving it. I have even managed to accomplish that in relationship with my daughter….a HUGH accomplishment (most of the time).

My credentials include: ordained minister, certified yoga teacher, certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and many other certifications and training in a number of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual therapies, techniques and modalities.


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