Katherine Twombly

Plymouth, MN
United States

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I have been teaching and practicing yoga for 7 years now. The benefits of this practice have changed the way I breathe today. I have learned to take responsibility for my thinking most of all I have become a better person for myself and my family. The path we choose is a choice. My rocky and stormy path has lead me to believe that the scars I have endured are no longer my enemy. I know today that the past does not define me. I also know today that others will continue to see your darkness. When I have those moments today I know I am I strive to teach to those who cannot afford the cost of learning to live differently. I have an opportunity today to work with anyone willing, teens that have a tough time relating to themselves. Those caught up in correctional situations and systems and have been deemed stragglers. I believe that all of us in this world have a purpose. We CAN change the way we think and live. Just takes a compassionate, experienced traveler to be available and show-up to guide the beautiful people. Through Yoga is where I began to see and seek my light. Choose Peace Friends


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