Kathleen Knipp

Montreal, QC

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Meditative Yoga:

meditative yoga / pathless yoga / body and breath sensing / kashmir yoga

Call it what you will.

It is a nondual approach to yoga offering quiet, gentle, non-volitional movement as a gateway to our inherent spaciousness.

Through guided movement, sensing body and breath, we inquire into the true experience of the body, free of concepts or images, softly tuning it to recognize its vibration with the deep current of life.

Listening is at the heart of the practice.

Nothing to improve. Nothing to change. Nothing to accomplish. No experience, skill, discipline or flexibility is required; simply an attitude of playful curiosity.

Yoga Nidra:

Resting in stillness, we listen deeply for what most wants to be seen, felt and heard. Meeting ourselves just as we are, tensions, emotions and concepts that are no longer useful may be released, revealing our natural state of transparency.

Yoga nidra is a simple, body-centered meditative technique practiced while resting comfortably. Literally “sleep of the yogi”, it is an ancient Tantric Yoga practice of deep relaxation and guided meditative inquiry that releases negative thought patterns, calms the nervous system and helps one to develop the capacity to be with whatever life presents. It is also an experience of inquiry designed to facilitate recognition of one’s essential nature.


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