Kathryn Hilbert

Las Cruces, NM
United States

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Rev. Kathryn Shukke Hilbert is an ordained Soto Zen Buddhist priest, and the abbot of the Zen Center of Las Cruces. Before entering the priesthood, she practiced psychotherapy using meditation as a recovery tool for trauma survivors.

Meditation classes take place at Tesoro Integrative Health Center 1905 S. Main St. in Las Cruces, NM. We meet Mondays from 6-7pm, $5/session. We sit for two twenty minute periods with a twenty minute Q&A time in-between when we drink tea together. Please come 10-15 minutes early to register, pay, and get settled. Class begins right at 6.

Private teaching in person or via Skype available upon request.

Teaching Meditation with emphasis on spiritual development. Honored to be included in list for Yoga teachers. Yoga practitioners often find that meditation is a useful counterpart to their practice as there is significant overlap in philosophy. Zen, like Yoga, is a lifestyle. It's about integrating a disciplined spiritual practice into ones everyday life. People who come to Zen are often those who are seeking answers to existential questions that remain unanswered by other spiritual perspectives, such as: why are we here? what is my purpose in life? is this all there is? and what happens after I die? All adults are welcome.



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