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I discovered yoga late in life at a time when I needed a practice that would help me personally and spiritually develop but also shift my awareness into my physical body. Having had to deal with neck and back problems from a full-time corporate graphic design job, I instantly fell in love with the therapeutic results of the dynamic practice but also the solid grounding foundation it gave me spiritually. I continue to develop my studies abroad in Germany, India and abroad in various workshops and courses to study with recognized international reputable teachers. I base my own yoga practice and teachings from the Ashtanga Yoga system of Pattabhis Jois and the teachings of BKS Iyengar. These teachers and other key figures in yoga today were taught by Krishnamacharya. Teachers of mine are Andrea Lutz, Manu Jois, Michael Stone, Matthew Sweeney, Dave Curtis & trained under Matzy & Chuck am a trained Ayurvedic Life Consultant and undertook extensive study of nutrition from an ayurvedic perspective in Pune, in India.
I practice buddhist meditation initially started with Loving-kindness meditation retreats in West Cork with a wonderful teacher called Visu from Malaysia and moving onto Vipassana retreats. From there I have studied and practiced with Tibetan Buddhist teachers in retreat settings and I currently study with a tibetan lama in Ireland & in India.
I likes to teach from the heart while keeping the integrity of the yoga tradition but also keep a sense of humor.
I recognize that sometimes due to individual bodies and various injuries I feel strongly that a yoga practice needs to be customized for each persons needs, in times of therapeutic healing. My love for yoga also extends to creating a happy, safe environment for students to practice and to be challenged - encouraging students to dedicate time and commit to their own yoga practice and lives towards healing, self development and peace.

I am a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor with the Institute of Vedic Studies in California. (). Ayurveda is a holistic medicinal approach to mind/body and spirit. Ayurveda focuses on ways to prevent symptoms and treat the root causes of imbalance, and values Western medicine for it’s ability to treat acute illness.
By directly looking at the very reasoning as to why we over react in everyday life situations, our awareness immediately shifts, revealing to us a different perspective of life, changing our relationships for the better with every living being around us including our relationship with our selves.

I teach hatha Yoga flow & forms of Ashtanga using keys tools to benefit your you & your practice more.


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