Kathy Kowalski

Spring Hill, FL
United States

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Kathy had her first encounter with yoga right after the birth of her son in 1999, and from that point she was immediately drawn into the mystics of mind and body unity through asana, pranayama and meditation. Yoga allows Kathy to come back to herself and to leave everything on the mat. Any kind of uncertainties, anxieties, worries, fears or insecurities all stay behind. Yoga keeps her grounded; it reminds her not to agonize over some small irrelevant things that she used to sweat about. Kathy cannot imagine life without yoga, it would be impossible to name all that yoga has done for her and how much life would be different without it; in summary Kathy is a much healthier and happier person physically mentally and spiritually than she ever was or ever hoped to be. Kathy is Ashtanga Yoga certified and has studied extensively with David Swenson, Manju Pattahbi Jois, David Williams, Beryl Bender Birch and Doug Swenson. Recently Kathy took on a new venture in Yoga Therapy and has been studying under an eye of A G Mohan and his wife Indra Mohan.


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