Kathy Muller

Monterey, CA
United States

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Kathy has been in the healing arts field for nearly 20yrs. She has been a Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist for 19 yrs, ERYT 500 Senior Prajna Yoga Teacher for 8 yrs.
She teaches Prajna Yoga Classes & Workshops both nationally and in the CA region and teaches online at Wave Street Studios in Monterey.
She has been studying with her teachers, Tias & Surya Little and Prajna Yoga () since 2009.
Her style is likened to a deep wisdom of the body, self massage, therapeutics, restorative and Thai Massage all blended into one class.
She adds a touch of humor, chanting, Yogic Teachings and poetry to bring an overall sense of the traditional yoga threaded throughout.


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