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Toronto, ON
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My teaching speciality is vinyasa flow, and my classes incorporate creative movements that strengthen and lengthen the body while staying connected to the breath. My classes include gentle hands-on adjustments and assists, inspirational music and a savassana massage. I tailor my classes to the students and pride myself on personalized attention.

I also teach yin and restorative classes that are designed to provide space for each student to go deeper into their body through stretches and deep, passive relaxation.

A key to all of my classes is a focus on connecting to breath. As such, there is a component of moving meditation to every experience. This to me, is a key component to the practice of yoga, in all its forms. I lead Movement & Meditation workshops where we explore Mindfulness Meditation and ways to integrate it into everyday life.

My philosophy is to provide the space for each student to connect with their mind, body and soul so they finish class feeling lighter and more grounded.

I encourage students to push themselves to their personal limits, while not taking themselves too seriously. (Smiling and laugher is welcome :))

Through my wellness company, The Santosha Life (The Santosha Life . com) I create, host and teach yoga and fitness retreats and meditation workshops both locally in Toronto and internationally. Destinations include Greece, Cuba, Ireland, Catskills, Iceland, Alberta and the Dominican Republic.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

17 Reviews

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Ohmmazing Yoga!

I met Kathy at one of her yoga classes at Energia Athletics. II have taken a few yoga classes with her and had the pleasure of participating in a mindfulness meditation workshop she was teaching - I have just signed up for another one. Kathy is well-grounded and eminates an aura of calm and sensitivity. She is friendly and respectful and has a keen sense of the emotional balance (or imbalance) of her students. She is kind and intuitive and non-intrusive. Awesome comes to mind.
A - awareness
W - welcoming
E - energy (positive, and calm)
S - spiritual, sensitive
O - Ohmmmm
M - meditative
E - empathy

I hope to go to one of her retreats!!


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Great Yoga for Athletes

I am a student of Kathy's at Energia Athletics. I began the Yoga for Athletics class with Kathy and am now participating in her Vinyasa Flow classes and the occasional Yin class (really hard to hold those posses for a long time!). Kathy is a friendly, open minded and knowledgable teacher. She shows patience and care to all her students. She has taught me different ways to get into/hold posses that help with my delicate lower back. I look forward to Kathy's classes. I have also recently participated in her Mindful Meditation classes at Energia and will continue to explore these.

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Happy and Health Yoga

I have recently become a student with Kathy at Energia Athletics on Pape. In a relatively few classes I have discovered improvement in my practice. Kathy gives great direction, gentle but tangible adjustments and makes the experience peaceful and fun. I look forward to her classes every time. Kathy easily adapts her class to accommodate both the newer/returning yogis with those more confident and experienced so the class is seamless.

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Kathy provides a personalized approach to yoga

Kathy is a very kind and patient yoga instructor. She has worked with me to design a program that works well for me. I used to think that my body was not capable of the practice and I would get discouraged and not persist. But with Kathy I always feel better after a class and am definitely noticing improvement.

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Authentic, Intuitive and Fun

I had the pleasure of attending yoga retreat in Cuba lead by Kathy Parsons which far exceeded my expectations. Kathy has a very balanced and well rounded approach to yoga which can benefit anyone regardless of experience or fitness level. Her humour and relaxed approach creates a very comfortable atmosphere while her experience and knowledge of yoga helps each of her students grow and improve. Kathy demonstrated a great deal of patience, caring and love for yoga and a week at her retreat has inspired me to engage in my practice more consistently. My experience with Kathy has been my best yoga experience to date. I highly recommend a retreat with her.

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Life changing

I went on my 2nd yoga retreat in Cuba in April ’16.
Our teacher, Kathy Parsons, was a big reason for a life changing experience.
Kathy is a playful and unbelievably talented yoga teacher.
Her deep love for Yoga is present in every minute of her teachings.
She incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her classes, with the intensity of an amazing vinyasa flow yoga class.


She has such a calm and compassionate presence and this comes through in her teaching.
In almost all her classes she was able to make it impossible for me to think about anything that just an hour before seemed so terribly important. If you knew me you’d know that that is an almost impossible task ☺
It was because of Kathy that I decided to go on a yoga teacher training in Thailand at the end of this year. ☺

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Mhai 2016

Kathy is an excellent teacher who is eclectic by nature.


She incorporates a harmonious ambiance by way of her music choice, which reflects each segment of practice in a an innovative, creative way. Also, her choice of poses add flow and rejuvenation to the mind, body and spirit, where one feels awakened. What is more, Kathy applies essential oils to each member during shavasana which creates a sense of warmth and comfort while the body relaxes, as well as stimulates the senses of the chakras.
More over, Kathy intuitively coaches each individual to ease a little deeper into their pose, which gives one purpose and challenge. What is more, Kathy is easy to follow, as she is clear in her articulation of each yoga position, while also incorporating the goal of each pose. Further, Kathy enables one to take their own direction within the practice, which depends on the learners level of experience, which enables everyone to feel as they are a part of the group.
Finally, Kathy then eases into a mindful mediation, which is based on the subject of practice, (i.e, heart chakra) in a fresh and unique way. Her teaching has been a blessing to me and my peers. - Roberta Harvey

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Kathy is my favorite yoga teacher!!

I've practiced various styles of yoga for about 13 years, but Kathy is the first teacher who ever made yoga personal for me. For the first time, I experienced the connection of mind, body, breath, and spirit, and it changed the way I view yoga forever. Kathy is so much fun, funny, and friendly in class, and at the same time, teaches in a very loving way. Each of our classes started with a focus on one of the 7 chakras, then flowed through a physical practice with an emphasis on form, and breath. After seven classes, I saw a change in the definition of my abs, improvements in my posture, and a relaxing of tension that I had been carrying all year in my shoulders. I live in NYC and I miss Kathy's classes so much!

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Kathy is very friendly, outgoing, open-minded and enlightening with yoga teaching. We spent one full week, focusing each day on a particular chakra, starting with the root and working our way up! She's excellent with explaining philosophy behind some of the poses and techniques, sharing her experience and ensuring each yogi is posing properly with good form. She includes some light humour making the class and story telling with the group very engaging. It's a joyful positive experience and I look forward to more with Kathy!

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Katy is an amazing Yoga Instructor!

As a novice yoga student Kathy taught me with great care, knowledge, support and wonderful teachings in all aspects of yoga; the moves, breathing and philosophies and wonderful stories. She is warm, loving and caring to her students and helps us rise to be better in our yoga practice yet making us feel safe at the same time. Her classes are the BEST! It is hard to find anyone better to share their love of all things yoga than Kathy!

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Superb in every facet of her teaching

I was honoured to have spent an entire week on a recent yoga retreat being guided by Kathy in my practice. She is incredibly intuitive and patient teacher. She could sense the energy of her students and course correct the practice as required. She was able to successfully guide a group of various levels by demonstrating and modifying the moves to include the entire group. She not only demonstrates but also individually cares for each student to ensure proper form and safety is applied thoughtout the practice . I am honoured to have been able to practice with Kathy and,lolok forward to many more retreats under her guidance .

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Best Yoga Instructor in Toronto!

I first came to Kathy's class a year ago and have found her instruction to be the perfect balance of fluid movement and mindfulness. Kathy's genuine warmth is evidenced by the care and praise she shows for each individual participant and I always look forward to my next class!

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Relaxed, poised and balanced

Kathy's relaxed approach, poise and enthusiasm for yoga contribute to a well-rounded and gratifying experience. Her class is an excellent balance between the physical and the spiritual. Her sense of humour and warmth welcome you to the class, during which she challenges you to push yourself without compromising your well-being. Kathy's ability to expertly demonstrate poses, while walking you through them with her calm and soothing tone, allow for an approachable and friendly environment. I highly recommend Kathy's classes.

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LOVE her

A wonderfully calm, serene voice takes one through poses. Incredibly articulate, kind, and well versed in her field. Kathy's classes are feel-good. Refreshing and a complete mind-body workout. Her instruction and light adjustments are fantastic and very much appreciated. If you're holding a pose incorrectly, you don't get the benefit: Kathy makes certain everyone works to their full potential and assists all.

I highly recommend her class.


Kai Fejer

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Joy for Life

Kathy came into my grade 9 Physical Health and Education class of 36 young women, representing the most ethnically, socially and economically diverse cross section Toronto has offer, most of whom had never done yoga before. Kathy instantly created a calm and warm environment that encouraged trust and participation. Every student was engaged and relaxed. They were studious and focused. They welcomed Kathy's adjustments and were eager to perfect their movements and poses. There is no better review than to have 36, 13-16 year old young women begging to have Kathy come back for another class. In fact, they have bragged to their friends in other Phys.Ed classes and these students are now asking their teachers to have Kathy come to their class!

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Kathy is a gifted soul who has a natural affinity for teaching. Highly intuitive and perceptive, she can tailor a class to meet every level of practioner. A truly beautiful yogi, she brings the beauty out in her students with her patient, generous, and often hilarious teaching style. Well spoken, knowledgeable, confident, and loving. A true teacher.

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I love Kathy's classes!!

I have had the honour and pleasure of experiencing Kathy Parsons as a yoga teacher from her very first class to the teacher that she is today. She continues to push herself to be better; pays great attention to the needs of her students and adjusts the classes as necessary based on the various levels of experiences that are part of the class. I love the adjustments and encouragement she provides.
- C. Ramlogan - April 22, 2015.