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My teaching speciality is vinyasa flow, and my classes incorporate creative movements that strengthen and lengthen the body while staying connected to the breath. My classes include gentle hands-on adjustments and assists, inspirational music and a savassana massage. I tailor my classes to the students and pride myself on personalized attention.

I also teach yin and restorative classes that are designed to provide space for each student to go deeper into their body through stretches and deep, passive relaxation.

A key to all of my classes is a focus on connecting to breath. As such, there is a component of moving meditation to every experience. This to me, is a key component to the practice of yoga, in all its forms. I lead Movement & Meditation workshops where we explore Mindfulness Meditation and ways to integrate it into everyday life.

My philosophy is to provide the space for each student to connect with their mind, body and soul so they finish class feeling lighter and more grounded.

I encourage students to push themselves to their personal limits, while not taking themselves too seriously. (Smiling and laugher is welcome :))

Through my wellness company, The Santosha Life (The Santosha Life . com) I create, host and teach yoga and fitness retreats and meditation workshops both locally in Toronto and internationally. Destinations include Greece, Cuba, Ireland, Catskills, and the Dominican Republic.

Week of May 20TH

Monday, May 20

  • The Flow Kathy Parsons @ 889 Yoga
    08:30 am to 09:30 am
  • Power Flow Yoga Kathy Parsons @ Balance Fitness
    05:45 pm to 06:45 pm

Tuesday, May 21

Wednesday, May 22

  • Yoga for Athletes Kathy Parsons @ Energia Athletics
    06:00 pm to 07:15 pm

Thursday, May 23

  • The Power Flow Kathy Parsons @ 889 Yoga
    12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
  • $20
    07:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Saturday, May 25

  • Vinyasa Flow ALL Kathy Parsons @ 889 Yoga
    10:30 am to 11:30 am